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Our Remnant Patchwork Collection

In every aspect of our work at Raven + Lily, we always have the planet at the front of our minds. 

Our collections follow the philosophy, beautiful styles that never go out of fashion. Every creation is handcrafted by skilled artisans, made with care and made to last. A commitment to using sustainable models and materials is important to us as a team and community, and part of this is a pledge to limit waste. 

To be responsible in the production of our collections, we aim to use up materials down to the very last detail. This approach resulted in the development of this Patchwork Collection, which uses excess leather that would otherwise go to waste. Handcrafted by our skilled artisan partners in Ethiopia, these striking one-of-a-kind styles effectively minimize waste by using repurposed scraps of natural leather.

We’re striving to find ways of operating that work in harmony with the environment. Using sustainable leather, a by-product from other industries destined for landfill, and ensuring the production is free from AZO dyestuffs, are important steps in our journey towards future nature-positive solutions. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.