Our Artisan Partners

Raven + Lily partners with artisan women to create modern, handcrafted products that empower the women who make them and the women who wear them.


Located in the capital of Ethiopia, our artisans in Addis Ababa cut, sew, stamp and package, our one-of-a-kind leather goods. All of the leather used to make our bags is locally-sourced from one of the best tanneries in Africa, using 100% natural vegetable dye, so you have the peace of mind knowing where your product came from. As one of our best selling lines, our leather group continues to thrive and grow. While providing jobs for women in the leather industry is unusual, it has helped prevent women having to leave Ethiopia to find work in the Middle East.


Apparel: Located on a wildlife game preserve, our hand-loomed cotton apparel is made in Africa’s only carbon neutral, fair trade factory. The community and the environment both benefit from this partnership. The artisans are skilled and create the products with high-tech machinery to create the best quality products. Currently, 70 women artisans are employed at the factory and more opportunities are being brought to empower women in Kenya.

Jewelry: Our artisans in Kibera, Kenya are trained to create every piece of the collection by hand. Made from recycled brass and upcycled horn, each step of the creation is carefully crafted to prevent waste. From the chain to charms, our artisans create these modern designs with hard work and incredible attention to details. This is work that brings hope and provides an avenue out of poverty and into empowerment.


Soap: Our herbal soaps are handcrafted high in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India using fresh spring water, rich spices, locally grown herbs and soothing essential oils. Hand-milked, set, cut and packaged, our soaps are made with love using organic and natural ingredients.

Paper: Tucked beneath scalloped archways, behind the narrow streets of Northern India, printing presses stamp delicate images on handmade, recycled paper.  The cotton paper is created entirely from paper and cotton waste from the textile industry. Newspapers, cotton rags, old army tents and denim jeans have a whole new purpose.  Women from this region gain employment and sustainability for themselves and their families by crafting stationery and journals from these materials.

Wood and Leather: In the same region, is a village sustained by the woodworking industry. Joining with local craftsmen, women combine the elegance of locally sourced leather with the tradition of hand-carved wood. Our artisans work with leather, wood, and hand-painting techniques to create beautiful jewelry and home goods.


Our line of hand-poured soy candles and natural hand-milled soaps are produced in Los Angeles, California. The candles are infused with pleasant scents of the woodsy outdoors or tropical fruits. Every candle that we produce burns clean, making it eco-friendly in its recycled glass jar. All of the soaps are made with matching essential oil infused scents. The talented hands behind this bath collection are those of women who were formerly homeless. Each woman has been provided with the necessary skills of the candle + soap making process and have access to grow their business skills through the job training they receive at the learning center.


Our luxurious silk apparel collection is eco-dyed and hand crafted in Malaysia. This partnership focuses on employing women who have face discrimination and believes women deserve a fair and sustainable income and the ability to provide for themselves and their families.


Our exclusive Moroccan textiles, ceramics, table top,  and vintage finds are hand-crafted using traditional techniques of hand-stitching, weaving and hand painting.  Your purchase helps empower women by providing fair trade employment for local artisans, as well as funding after school empowerment programs for girls through Project Soar.


Our textile collection from Peru is  handcrafted with plant dyed cotton and/or alpaca by using traditional weaving or knitting techniques. Our new sterling  silver jewelry collection is made by a group of women working together in Lima to create quality designs. Your purchase helps empower artisan women by providing fair trade jobs that honor traditional craftsmanship.


Our home goods collection is a collaboration with our friends at Oh Fox Creative. The designs are hand woven by women on a traditional loom using 100% local cotton by skilled artisans. Classic, delicate, and durable, these textiles will last a lifetime.

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