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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The first Earth Day in 1970 celebrated the intrinsic connections between human and planetary health and 50 years on, these dual crises are more important than ever. On April 22nd, the organisers of the event, Earth Day Network, are going digital to flood the world with ‘hope, optimism and action.’

The coronavirus pandemic may have forced us to stay apart but in many ways, it has brought us closer together – now more than ever there is a desire to connect and create a sense of community. The organisers of this year’s digital event have created daily activities that allow you to ‘connect through challenges to take action right now, and every day, for our planet.’

At Raven + Lily we are always looking for ways to serve our planet and communities worldwide. We care deeply about the environment and are committed to responsible production, offsetting the carbon footprint of our shipping by purchasing carbon credits with Wildlife Works, who protect threatened forests, endangered wildlife, and communities. A Certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we uphold a high standard of transparency in everything we do.

This Earth Day (and everyday), we invite you to join us in making small changes that, collectively, could have a big impact.

Support local

Besides supporting neighborhood businesses, shopping local equals less pollution, fossil fuel and carbon emissions, because your purchases don’t have to travel as far. If you’re in Austin, check out our previous posts and find out how you can support local businesses that need your help during the pandemic.

Get planting

Got room in your backyard to spare? Why not start your own veggie patch and help curb fossil fuel emissions. Or plant a tree. Trees help to clean and cool the air and create more oxygen to boot. Don’t have a garden? Donate a dollar to The Canopy Project, and they will plant one for you.

Speak up

Got something to say? If you’re passionate about saving the planet, why not write to your local representative or start a petition at and make your voice heard. Or pick up the phone and tell a friend about it the more people that know about the challenges the earth is facing, the more people can take action.
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