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Inspired by: Amy Tangerine

One year ago I met Amy Tangerine in Soho at the opening the Raven + Lily pop-up shop in partnership with Maiyet. We celebrated the launch of this new ethical fashion retail concept with a special evening hosted by our mutual friend, Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker. Amy was an immediate fan of Raven + Lily, and walked away with her first pair of gold Zia leather earrings. She heard the inspiring story about the artisans who made those earrings and has since worn them with great pride to multiple media events. They seem to be part of her signature look and suit her joyful personality perfectly.

Amy is all about journaling and creating memories through scrapbooks. Her most recent book being The Art of Journaling. She fills her notebooks with color, photos, drawings, stories, and snippets of life, and then she turns around and daily inspires us all to do the same. Amy wants us to dream big dreams. To remember them. To strive for them. To record the little miracles and moments of life that make it special. Amy reminds us to enjoy the gifts of each day and encourages us to be creative, open, and free to express ourselves. It's an art we can all master. 

Of course Amy wanted to model only the best and the brightest from our Fall ’18 Collection: the new fig hand loomed roll top, the yellow suede stone clutch, and the bold Zia earrings to name a few. I love how the designs were a perfect match for her personality. Its a joy to have Amy participate in our fall campaign, and I’m delighted to share to give you a glimpse of why I think she’s so inspiring. 

Watch Amy's Video

Photography: Kate Zimmerman | Makeup: Nicole Walmsley

Inspired by: Landon Clements

I first met Landon Clements 2 years ago at a “Slow Food, Slow Fashion” dinner party for Raven + Lily hosted by David and Christina Arquette. It was a magical night of conversation and delicious food revolving around the concept of thoughtful, intentional living (featured in WWD and LATimes). Landon is from historic Charleston, South Carolina, and is passionate about travel, supporting artisans, interior design, and horses. She is incredibly charming just like her hometown.


As she heard about the Raven + Lily partnership with the Downtown Women’s Center in Skid Row, Landon asked to join me the following day as I planned to host a brunch and celebration to honor the formerly homeless women who were in the candle-making program. I was so impressed by her eagerness to serve and jump right in. I’ve discovered she is big-hearted like this all the time.


Since that first encounter, Landon and I continue to cheer on one another from the sidelines as female entrepreneurs and creatives. She’s a natural beauty with a constant contagious smile and generous heart. I was thrilled when she agreed to participate in our Fall Campaign. And just like Landon, she offered to help out above and beyond what we initially asked. My team took full advantage of her generosity and darling demeanor, and Landon ended up modeling almost all our leather and jewelry designs coming out this season.


Today Landon lives in Malibu as a realtor and continues to support numerous causes and people close to her heart. She’s one of the most positive and joyful women I know. I’m so happy to share a little bit of that joy with you.

Watch Landon's Video

Photography: Kate Zimmerman | Makeup: Nicole Walmsley

Inspired by: Azie Tesfai

The amazing Azie Tesfai is the second inspiring woman to model our new Fall ’18 Raven + Lily designs. She is an Eritrean American, philanthropic entrepreneur, and talented actress. While she was the first of her family to be born in America, Azie has stayed closely tied to her culture and heritage over the years. Azie reminds me of some of my favorite friends in Ethiopia who radiate a unique beauty and worldview. Her passion to empower women is most vividly realized through her company Fortuned Culture which exists to help fund educational opportunities for women and children. I think we are kindred spirits in our mutual passion to see commerce and fashion used as a force for good in the world.

Through our conversation, I learned how much Azie believes an empowered woman is an independent and confident woman who is capable to thrive on her own. Her mom modeled this for her and helped cultivate in Azie a love for her African heritage and a strength to pursue her dreams.

Azie is stunning in our new silk turkish coffee Fiza gown. She’s already worn it twice on the red carpet and has declared that it feels like wearing satin pajamas. I love her down to earth demeanor, yet she can’t help but look naturally glamorous.

You’ll see a glimpse of why I think this lady is truly special through this video and interview. I have a feeling our paths will continue to cross in the years to come because of our shared passion to empower women, especially in Ethiopia.

Watch Azie's Video

Photography: Kate Zimmerman | Makeup: Nicole Walmsley

Inspired: About our Fall 2018 Campaign

For our Fall 2018 campaign, we invited a select group of inspiring women from Los Angeles to model our newest designs, launching monthly throughout this season and each drop highlighting one of these incredible women. These women are uniquely active in their efforts to empower others and make our world a more beautiful place to call home. Over the course of several days, we shot our Fall '18 campaign at a gorgeous historic Hollywood villa. Our photographer Kate Zimmerman captured the inner and outer beauty of each woman as well as our newest designs that reflect the talented work of our artisan partners from around the world.

Meet Olesya Rulin. She is the first of ten amazing women to model for our Fall 2018 Collection. Olesya is a conservationist. An actress. A writer. She is one who loves life passionately and wants to use her voice to uplift others. Olesya radiates both confidence and grace. She truly glows. I think the glow comes from both her inner joy as well as her incredible skin (the kind you find yourself staring at for too long!).  She was raised in the former Soviet Union and has such an interesting background full of stories from those unique experiences. I'm sure that upbringing has also shaped her current worldview and passion to protect and inspire. I'm so thankful to launch our newest collection with Olesya, and this excerpt from our interview gives you a glimpse of why I think she's so amazing.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do.

Love, Kirsten

Watch Olesya's Video

Photography: Kate Zimmerman | Makeup: Nicole Walmsley

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