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Gifts to give (and receive)

Gifts to give (and receive)

Inspiring us this Valentine’s Day are the brilliant women that bring joy and love to our lives every day. From your mom who always reminds you to take your vitamins, to your sister who gives the best pep talks, to your neighbor who leaves fresh flowers from her garden on your doorstep, to your oldest friend who can finish your sentences – there’s never been a better time to surprise and delight the ones you love. 

Small acts of kindness and expressions of love - a home cooked meal, a cozy throw, striking semi-precious stone earrings - and thoughtful gifts - a framed photograph, a bag that will carry them through every moment, a handwritten note, a carefully selected playlist - are just some of our favorite ways to show appreciation. 

Whether you’re sharing the love with your nearest and dearest or practicing a little self-care, these are our most-loved gifts for giving and receiving.

upcycled brass and semi-precious stones

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